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[08 Jan 2012 ♥ 10:06pm]

I almost forgot!Collapse )
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we're just two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl year after year. [28 Dec 2009 ♥ 01:04pm]
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i've come full circle. [28 Dec 2008 ♥ 10:12am]

2008.Collapse )

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[10 Jul 2008 ♥ 01:07pm]
i'm relocating to baltimore in two days. i'll be there until december. weird.
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[18 Mar 2008 ♥ 07:23pm]
today I observed an autopsy. they removed the front of the man's ribcage, put it in a bucket, and placed the bucket on the man's legs. it stayed there for the rest of the time.
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&you hope that your senses aren't you failing you now. [08 Nov 2006 ♥ 11:03pm]
[ mood | nostalgic ]

sometimes I miss having sleepovers
and my mom leaving me a list of chores
and driving to shows with a full car
and hanging out at taco bell
and all those shitty pop punk bands that ruled my life
and all the possibilites that now seem to diminish day by day.

i just miss that simplicity.

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her heels are high and her hope's so low [14 May 2006 ♥ 02:10pm]
My current situation is as follows:

1) no job (turns out I never applied for my LNA license so I have to first get all the papers, apply, then wait, at this point I should have it in August)
2) no car (my dad broke his, won't fix it, took mine)
3) no money (38.44 in my bank account thankyouverymuch)

So I'm looking for friends who want to come to my house and eat turkey sandwiches and play board games with me because that's all I'm good for.
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irrelevant [07 Mar 2006 ♥ 02:03pm]
Since I am home this week I figured I would plan for my future.

Summer 2006: Ideally I would like to work as an LNA at Exeter Hospital part time 3-11 shift. All days that I am not working will be spent on the beach (for reals).

March 2008: i'm going on a real spring break with my friends from school

July - Dec 2008: I plan on doing a six month coop at Scripps Hospital in San Diego so that I can sample the whole California deal.

Graduation 2010: (yes five years for a bachellor's on account of three six month coops cutting into learning time) If I don't have any good job prospects in Boston or any city then I am going to join Travel Nurses for a year or two. Travel Nursese place people in hospitals all over the world for three to six months at a time. Hopefully I could hit up two or three countries.

Observations of home:

My dad is still an alcoholic
My mom has alzheimer's (no seriously) she can't remember entire conversations I have with her about important things.
Home + Winter = depression
My pets are still cute.
I have consumed all food in the house and it is only tuesday.

My tax return was deposited into my bank account meaning I have funds for the NYC adventure Allie, Kristen, and I are going on tomorrow (or thurs). WooHoo!

PS. greater derry area people- remember how we were supposed to have The Gauntlet last summer? CAN WE PLEASE REALLY DO THAT THIS SUMMER?
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NO TYPOS YA HEARD! [28 Jan 2006 ♥ 03:38am]
I love this. I love college soo much. In high school it was like when one door closed, it could never be opened again. In college, doors are always opening and it's wonderful. I love going to parties and meeting new people and networking and going to class and learning and going to work and working. I love my new friends Cate, and Allie, and Eileen and my old friend Kristen, because they are the best and we hang out everynight. College is so much less lonely than in high school. My friends and I, we all go through shit and even if we don't share it, we are there for each other. I love how things workout, how I run into people often and it makes me happy knowing there might be some hope. I love how my parents can visit and I can go hang out with them for the evening and then go back with my friends. I love how even though my roommates and I aren't friends, we know each other really well and it's so beneficial. I love Boston, and the skyline, and how I can see it from anywhere on campus. I love breakfast at East on Saturdays and Sundays. I love growning and learning and changing. Basically I love everything.

In like four seconds I will hate everything because nothing good in my life ever lasts for more than that, but for now I am hardcore enjoying it.
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sit here and wait for this world to thaw [25 Dec 2005 ♥ 12:44am]

It's always winter, but never christmas. It seems this curse just can't be lifted. In the midst of all this ice and snow, our hearts stay warm 'cause they are filled with hopeCollapse )

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platonic [09 Dec 2005 ♥ 04:19am]
I really want to go for a walk right now. The streets are dead and the air has the perfect amount of coldness. It's really peaceful. Too bad it's dangerous to walk alone at this time of night.
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last class in two hours! [07 Dec 2005 ♥ 02:43pm]
I'm so excited for this upcoming week because I only have a final on the 15th and 16th. There is going to be lots of studying and lots of hanging out woot.
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HOLIDAY HOMECOMING [07 Dec 2005 ♥ 01:22pm]


I am having a Holiday Homecoming Party at my house (Faith Dr. Hampstead) on Thursday, December 22nd.  It is going to be great fun with a yankee swap, food, and holiday cheer.  Everyone is invited so look nice and come.  I'm going to be sending e-mails with more details, but I just wanted to let everyone know. SO BE THERE.  

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domestic violence [06 Dec 2005 ♥ 10:05pm]
Remember when Corey and Topanga move into that really shitty apartment complex after they get married? Last night I felt like I was living there.

At 3:09am my roommates and I were awoken (well I was not really awoken, on account of me being an insomniac, I was more startled) by the loudest sound coming from the room directly above us. At first I thought someone rolled out of their lofted bed and crashed on the floor hard. But the loudest crash 2005 was followed by the longest series of f-bombs I have heard in a while. Such insults were screamed such as
and other lovely phrases like that. My roommates and I went upstairs and knocked on the door. A pipsqueak girl opened the door and I asked if everyone was still alive in her room. In her little shrimpy voice she was like "yeah sorry if it's loud we just got in a fight". Completely nonchalant like she was fucking having tea or something. I asked again if she was sure there were no dead bodies in her room and she laughed and closed the door. We returned to our room and fell asleep to the lovely sound of f-bomb explosions, but no more rukus.

I'm not sure sometimes.
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the city glimmers undreneath the fading light [05 Dec 2005 ♥ 02:53pm]

Witness by The One Am Radio is one of my favorite songs ever and the video is equally amazing. It reminds me of Summer 2003, absolute perfectness. Now I want to play kickball in the Fens, too bad there is going to be snow on the ground until forever. Break is in 11 days, but I don't really want to go home. I like it here too much. Especially now that it's December. The city streets are really pretty with the combination of decorations and snow. I think I want to live in Boston or a city for a long time.  I like being around tons of people all the time, the scenery is always changing. I like being able to walk everywhere, it's so much more refreshing than driving. Maybe I'll be tired of city living in five years when I graduate, but I don't think so.

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my birthday was yesterday [30 Nov 2005 ♥ 02:13am]
[ mood | cranky ]

I spent from 4pm-2am in the biblioteca (w/ one hour dinner break) and I learned absolutely nothing.
failing test tomorrow (today technically)? I think so.
sometimes I get really disappointed even when I'm not expecting anything.
not too sure how that works.
but it does.

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will this get a tag? [27 Nov 2005 ♥ 01:54am]
thanksgiving break 05Collapse )
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kristen riley [25 Nov 2005 ♥ 02:32pm]
best thing today:

Image hosted by

beu sisters are too cool for top 8. they put me in their top seven.
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updatez! [20 Nov 2005 ♥ 08:47pm]
This weekend

Friday: We went to an engineering frat party. When we got there, there was like ten people there. The frat boys were the most socially awkward and unconfident frat boys I had ever met. Cate was like "umm okay here's the plan, we drink until they're cute". So that's what we did. The party ended up being not that bad, interesting to say the least

shitty phone pics for your viewing pleasureCollapse )

Saturday: We went to Ryan &Eli's apartment for food and drink. We went over &Eli cooked us delicious food and we drank wine (not a lot of wine, I'm never having a repeat of last time). It was pretty classy. Ryan was the only cute one and he had to go watch his drum teacher perform (at one am weird). So once he left we did too.

this is what we did when we got backCollapse )
Then we went and hung out with the kids we met the night before until 5am. They taught me some valuable information that THIS MAN lives within one mile of our residence halls.

Image hosted by

He's a class three sex offender. Here is his record:

1 RAPE 5/5/1994

Yeah so basically I don't walk anywhere alone.

THANKSGIVING THIS WEEK! I am so excited to go home and see everyone and see my family and pet my dog and my cat and sleep in my own bed and drive my car.

My birthday is a week from Tuesday. Is there anything I need to do before I turn 19?

ps. I weighed myself today &i still weigh the same as I did last May. I will fight the frosh 15 til the death (april)
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we should just stick to cooking and playing basketball [05 Nov 2005 ♥ 05:10pm]
[ mood | amused ]


I befriended a a junior named Jackie, a junior named Chris who's nickname was Banana, and a Young Professional with a dotcom company on the walk back from Mission Hill. Jackie gave me advice about life, Banana talked about his penis, and the Young Professional? We are not too sure about the Young Professional.

I came home around 2:30 to be informed that my roommate Liz had peed the bed. I examined her and her boyfriend sleeping soundly and found this information to be false.

I was awoken at 3am by a ring from Jackie. She invited me to the Young Professional's apartment to have Chinese food. They even offered to pick me up in the Young Professional's sedan. I declined because I needed my slumber and they said they would call me for breakfast. They really did call again.

After I was awoken by the Young Professional, Doug (Liz's boyfriend) was coming to the realization that Liz did in fact pee the bed and he was laying in it. After I died laughing I returned to my slumber.

I was awoken fifteen minutes later by Doug informing me that Liz had just thrown up in the hallway and I had to help her. I refused to help her because I am selfish and I did not want to get written up and I returned to my slumber.

my room might now smell like urine.

college is wonderful

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